Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File Device + Refill Giftpack - 1

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File Device and Refill Special Pack

Despite their smaller size, the new sensors in these models deliver higher reading accuracy and improved energy efficiency. A luxurious pedicure device that removes calluses and hard skin, leaving your feet perfectly smooth after 1 use (batteries included). It's specially designed Micralumina roller gently buffs away hard skin in minutes. Thick hard skin, yellow in colour and oval in shape, often occurs on the ball of the foot and can cause discomfort.

You can easily take care of this at home to leave your feet wonderfully soft. The electrical device's Micralumina roller gently remove areas of hard skin so thoroughly it leaves your feet beautiful and luxuriously soft.

- Effectively removes hard skin
- Ergonomic shape
- Easy to use
- Gentle and Safe to use

Directions for use: 
- Ensure that the unit is turned off
- Remove the roller from the unit by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away from the unit
- Place the new roller into the unit by pressing in the pins on either side of the roller head and inserting the head into the device
- Check that the roller head is securely attached to the device before use
- Gently roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements
- Repeat regularly
- Do not use on one area for more than 3-4 seconds at a time