Sage Organic Essential Oil (11mls)


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  • MIND
    • A racy mind and panicky states could be eased as the oil encourages a feeling of well-being and the capacity to see life in perspective. 
  • BODY
    • A tonic for the womb. Regulates periods as it is a hormone balancer. Has a good reputation with sexual problems by controlling underlying stress. Encourages labour. Eases gastric spasm and could be a kidney tonic. Combats excessive perspiration and strengthens the defence system. Good for convalescence. Uplifting quality may assist in drug rehabilitation. 
  • SKIN
    • Cell regenerating properties are apparent, especially the scalp. Good for inflamed and puffy skin.
  • Other uses:
    A component of soaps, detergents and cosmetics. Used widely in the food and drink industry particularly in certain 'muscadel' type wines