LOOVE Lavender Woodgrain 400ml - Indoor Ultrasonic Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Large, indoor Ultrasonic Essential Oil and Fragrance Aromatherapy Diffuser for larger rooms, Offices and Indoor spaces

Lavender Woodgrain diffuser has 400ml capacity that can last you for up-to 10 hours! 

Add color and aroma to your room with this Ultrasonic Essential Oil & Fragrance diffuser. This Ultrasonic Diffuser uses atomization technology, meaning that it does not evaporate or burn the Essential Oils, but rather emits small particle anions.

Quiet operation and noise control with adjustable moisture outlet. 

Comes with Auto Waterless Shut-Off i.e. Shuts off when water runs out for safety purposes. Large container tank can hold upto 400mls of water and last for 8 hours. 

Comes in 7 colorful LED Light that can either be set once or through a looping cycle that changes automatically.

Beautiful wood grain surface and design. Choose between Dark Wood or Light Wood variant!