LOOVE Chamomile USB & Portable Mini Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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This mini portable Ultrasonic USB Diffuser is designed for small spaces like your office, study, kitchen & apartment bedrooms. However, it can also be used in any small room. 

Low power consumption means that it can use USB portal either on your laptop or any other USB power device.

Product Specifications

  • Very quiet in operation (Low decibel) and easy to adjust moisture outlet. 
  • Doubles up as a Night Light - As a soft light at night, it can double as part of decor
  • Has a "Hidden" Switch - Control the power easily by pressing the top cover gently
  • Silent Design: Running almost noiseless
  • Low Power Consumption: Only 1 watt of energy and can be used with laptop or other USB devices
  • No atomizing humidification & does not wet your desktop.
  • Product Size (LxWxH) - 88mm x 90mm x 85mm
  • Product Weight - 190gm

Multiple functions

  a). Purification: Purify air by impelling dust and particles into the water

  b). Natural negative ions

  c). Aroma diffuser: Add few drops of essential oil into the water to get your choice of aroma

Package Containers

What you get in your package. 

  1. Essential Oil & Aroma diffuser                        
  2. Power Cable   
  3. User Manual