Femina - Synbiotic Meal Replacement 400g (14.1oz)

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A Synbiotic (Probiotics + Prebiotics) Meal Replacement for Women with Cranberry Extract.

Helps Support gut health and urogenital health.

What is Femina™?

Femina™ is a Synbiotic (probiotic & prebiotic) and nutrient enriched meal supplement formulated with high dose micro-encapsulated probiotics & cranberry extract to support female gut & urogenital health.

It is high in protein (27g per serving), low in energy (<1g Carbs per serving) and high in fibre (4g per serving) making it ideal for women leading an active lifestyle.

What makes Femina™ Different?

The crucial difference in Femina™ is the formulation with 10 Strains of probiotics and over 10 billion CFU per serving using the Velobiotics™ technology for ample delivery of probiotics to the gut.

In addition to probiotics, Femina™ contains 500mg of cranberry extract that supports urinary health.

Visit www.femina.space for more information.