E45 Moisturising Cream Pump - 500g

Brand: Reckitt Benckiser

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E45 Moisturises & Relieves Dry Skin Cream 500g

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Composition: Each 100g contains: white soft paraffin 14.5g; light liquid paraffin 12.6g; anhydrous lanolin (wool fat) 1.0g and methyl hydroxybenzoate 0.15% m/m, and propyl hydroxbenzoate 0.04% m/m as preservatives. Indications: Cream E 45 because of its emoilent action is a useful adjunct in the treatment of ichthyosis, traumatic dermatitis (especially "housewives dermatitis"), dry stages of eczema, certain cases of psoriasis and other conditions where a 'moisturising' type of cream is likely to be beneficial. It is excellent as supportive treatment of burns of varying degrees, particular where joints are involved and movement is impaired by dryness and cracking.

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