Durex Performa Condoms - 12 Pack of 3's

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Durex Performa Condoms - 12 Pack of 3's.

Durex condoms don't just meet worldwide quality standards, they exceed them. That's why millions of people across the world trust Durex every day. Durex Easy-On condoms are specially shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.

- Contains a special lube called Bezocaine which helps a man delay climax
- Contains 12 Packs of 3's Condoms

- The lubricant on these condoms can cause a rash, irritation, burning or itching
- Don't get it in our eyes, and wash it off after use
- If you experience irritation, stop using the condom
- If there is no improvement, see your doctor
- Do not use these condoms if you or your partner have inflamed or broken skin
- If you or your partner experiences breathing difficulties, or get blue lips when using these condoms, stop using them immediately and call a doctor

- Warranty: Non-Returnable